The skills of managing in a complex, often multicultural world do not necessarily come naturally for everyone.  But these skills can be learned!  Sometimes an external, skilled facilitator can make things happen in a group or organisation that would be difficult for an internal employee.  Sometimes having a person to model behavior after gives the spark that is necessary to improve personal skills.  Sometimes sparring about day-to-day problems is the key.

Examples of recent coaching and facilitation services:

  • Planning and facilitating project start-up in projects involving partners from different countries, helping the partners to reach agreement about vision, strategy, goals, project plans, work breakdown structure and deliverables.
  • Facilitating on-going project meetings where partners come from different countries, while at the same time coaching the project manager in interactive methods which take cultural differences into account.
  • Coaching a concern level Human Resource Director in leading his human resource managers from subsidiaries worldwide.
  • Coaching about cultural considerations when establishing a subsidiary in another country.
  • Establishing international project consortia involving partners in diverse European and Asian countries.
  • Facilitating start-up workshops for a series of EU-wide co-operative projects to develop and market innovative products, sponsored by the European Commission.
  • Facilitating start-up process of a French-Swedish co-operative project.
With a solid grounding in the client’s situation, the facilitator’s key skill is to bring differences forward, legitimizing them in the work context and to use interactive methods to integrate and move forward together.  A multicultural team possesses potential strengths far exceeding the case of mono-organisational or mono-cultural teams – if these strengths can be shared and built on.