With the rapid rise of the Chinese market and the increasingly intensified business interactions between Europe and China, more and more companies are exploring how they can take advantage of the opportunities arising: by partnering or joint venturing with a Chinese company, by investing in local facilities, by finding strategic suppliers or by outsourcing production processes.

Many Western companies have experienced how difficult it can be to establish and maintain mutually satisfying relationships.

This is where Interlink can help you achieve concrete results.

  1. Translation and interpretation for business transactions
  2. Looking for and matching cooperation projects
  3. Facilitating negotiations
  4. Assistance in solving problems, misunderstanding, disputes and conflicts in business cooperation with China
  5. Identifying and analysing the problem
  6. Facilitating negotiations and increasing mutual understanding
  7. Suggesting problem solutions for mutual benefit
  8. Coaching and training for EU and Scandinavian companies to enter the Chinese market
  9. Understanding the role of China’s history, political system, economic structure and social relation in business interactions
  10. Understanding the importance of cultural practices in business interactions, especially the Chinese network culture – Guanxi.
  11. Understanding the growing importance of Chinese private, medium-sized enterprises, especially in the Shanghai region, and the potential for cooperation.
Our staff have year-long experience in establishing direct company-to-company relations between Denmark and China.