Interlink carries out in-company training programmes created to meet the specific needs of the individual company.  Programmes may be half-day to 3 days in length.
Since in-house training is often part of an overall corporate development strategy, specific company needs are identified systematically before any training activity is initiated.

Training programmes are highly interactive and incorporate latest research.

Examples are:

  • general training on culture and the impact of culture
  • culture specific training about a particular country
  • expatriation (for example: Denmark to USA)
  • inpatriation (for example: Ireland to Denmark, France to Scandinavia)
  • cultural understanding among joint venture partners (for example: Russia-Denmark, China-Scandinavia)
  • global supply chain
  • general project management
  • managing cultural diversity in projects
  • virtual project management
  • multicultural teambuilding
  • corporate leadership training for headquarter and subsidiary managers
  • cultural integration in mergers and acquisitions
  • conflict management in multicultural settings
A key element of all training activities is to provide a safe platform from which participants can identify and explore their own cultural values and behavioral preferences.

Experienced senior project manager after an Interlink training programme in international project management:
”If I had known before what I know now, it would have saved us a lot of time, pain and money.”  Ericsson senior project manager

Managing Cultural Diversity in Projects is also offered annually as an open programme through the International Project Management Association (IPMA).

Managing cultural diversity